Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide

Keep up with the community here in Adelaide and learn more about upcoming dance and live music events in Adelaide via our Facebook group "Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide". Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide (or "SABDIA") is also the name of the not-for-profit association that runs dance exchange events in Adelaide like Fancy Feet and Southern Blues.

The next upcoming event run by SABDIA is Fancy Feet in July 2018.

If you're looking for Swing and Blues events further abroad in Australia and New Zealand, we recommend the Facebook groups "Swing dance in Oz" and Blues Dancers ANZ.

Local Class Schedule

Regular (fortnightly or more frequent) swing, tap, charleston, balboa, and blues classes in Adelaide that are friendly to beginners are listed in the table below. Make sure to check each school's website for extra information, as we don't always catch every schedule change.

Additional information about upcoming events can often be found on the Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide Facebook group

Club NameLocationRegular ClassesLevelWeekly
MONDAYSwing Out AdelaideNorth AdelaideBalboaBeginner, IntermediateYES, booking required for beginner
TUESDAYAUSDCCBDVariety of swing stylesBeginnerYES
THURSDAYSwing Out AdelaideNorth AdelaideLindy Hop/CharlestonBeginner, IntermediateYES, Booking required for beginner
Swing CornerHindmarshLindy Hop, BalboaBeginner, IntermediateCheck the website

Other events that occur less regularly include: