Peter and Lauren social dancing

A year later, and Fancy Feet is returning for a second unforgettable weekend of Lindy Hop, Balboa, and the art of social dance. Featuring the dreamboat Peter Flahiff, and the darling of dance, Lauren Smith, Fancy Feet includes two days of workshops, social dancing, and the Spirit of Fancy Feet community award (with a winner chosen by YOU!) It's a weekend you won't want to miss!

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Still Keen? Come Along and Pay on the Door

Find out more about what Peter and Lauren will be teaching on the Classes page, or check the weekend schedule to know what to expect and when.

Socials and Special Events

It's not all workshops this weekend! On Saturday, the Lindy Hop Workshop gives way to a social completely free to anyone with a Workshop Pass. Then once the weekend is coming to a close and you're all danced out, come along for an informal dinner with Lauren, Peter, and the Fancy feet team to unwind and chat about what you've learned. Check the schedule page to learn a little more about each of these events, and when to find them.
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