Workshop Classes

This year Fancy Feet is excited to offer you two full days of Lindy Hop workshops!

Our workshops are aimed at beginner to intermediate level. Ideally, you are experienced with mixing six count and eight count shapes and steps and are comfortable dancing socially.
Unfortunately, our workshops are not suitable for new beginners with no previous experience.

All workshops will be held at the Adelaide Irish Club, 13-15 Carrington St, Adelaide CBD.

Saturday Classes

Workshop 1: Brush Up Your Basics

Peter and Lauren Teaching

A great hour spent upgrading and polishing the classic fundamental moves for lindy hop, including swingouts, tuck turns, and more!

Workshop 2: Make It Fast, Part 1 (Speed Skills)

Our first of two classes designed to make dancing to higher tempos easier and more fun! This class focuses on the techniques and adaptations great dancers use to make dancing fast, EASY!

Workshop 3: Make It Fast, Part 2 (Moves That Move)

The second of the weekend’s “fast dancing” classes, this one builds on the techniques from part one, and adds in some moves and movements that work particularly well when the tempos pick up!

Workshop 4: Fancy Feet

Come and get your fill of sweet, amazing footwork variations that you can add to your dancing right away. Instant upgrades!!

Sunday Classes

Workshop 1: Lindy Legacies

Peter and Lauren Teaching

Lindy Hop has a long and glorious history and this class puts the spotlight on some of the most influential, legendary dancers. Learn some swing dance history and some of the moves that those greats passed along to us!

Workshop 2: Surprise Moves

Everybody loves new moves and shiny new toys! This class is all about new moves that take something familiar and puts a twist on them!

Workshop 3: Parameters

One of Lauren & Peter’s most acclaimed classes: it’s part science experiment, part game, and totally eye-opening. Don’t miss out on this one — it’ll really make a huge impact!

Challenge Class: Fanciest Feet

It's a challenge! The Challenge class is aimed at dancers who are intermediate level or higher who are ready to work hard on their dancing. Ideally you've been dancing for a few years, take classes and social dance regularly and/or travel interstate for workshops. You also regularly practice outside of class/social dancing, are proactive about asking questions and problem-solving in class, and are happy to work on perfecting your basics. This class will be held Sunday morning before the rest of the day's workshops.

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