Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy

Code of Conduct

The Fancy Feet Organisers and Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide Committee are dedicated to making sure everyone has a good time and to creating a space where people can feel safe and included. In order to make everyone feel welcome and safe, first and foremost, we ask that you are respectful of everyone throughout the weekend and expect respect from those around you. We ask that you follow these guidelines so that we can create a fantastic community space:

  • All dancers, regardless of their level of experience or dance ability, are welcome and entitled to respect for their personal and physical boundaries both on and off the dance floor.
  • Harassment, abuse or assault on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability or age will not be tolerated.
  • You are free to accept or decline dances with whomever you wish. If someone declines to dance with you, respect their decision and try not to take it personally. People refuse dances for all sorts of reasons.
  • You might consider asking someone if they would prefer to lead, follow or switch roles when you ask them for a dance.
  • Tell your partner if you they are making you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or are physically hurting you.
  • If your partner is giving you feedback, listen to them, apologise, and stop whatever it is that is making them uncomfortable, unsafe or physically hurt.
  • Look after your partner and yourself on the dance floor. Be aware of other dancers in the space, and avoid movements which could hurt your partner or others around you.
  • Make sure you have your partner’s consent before performing large dips or moves where their feet may leave the ground.
  • Recognise the diverse abilities and skills of your fellow dancers. Avoid giving unsolicited feedback on the social dance floor unless it relates to your safety or the safety of other dancers.
  • If you observe or experience inappropriate or unsafe behaviour which violates our safer spaces policy, talk to the organisers as soon as possible.

Complaints and Grievances Policy

Our complaints and grievances policy is designed to provide a uniform response to formal complaints or serious offences, and all event organisers receive training on these policies.

What is a complaint?

Complaints are problems that you feel occured because someone didn’t adhere to accepted social dance etiquette (as outlined in our Safer Spaces Policy), or are any problems that cannot be resolved by communicating directly with the people involved. If someone’s actions have led you to feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you probably have grounds for a complaint.

If you are able to set firm and clear boundaries and have resolved a problem through direct communication (but feel that the problem may recur if others struggle to be as assertive as you), please do talk to an event organiser and make them aware of the situation. This does not have to be a formal complaint, but we want to be aware of any repeated bad behaviour.

If you are unable to speak to an organiser during the event, please contact the organising team by email at: and we will do what we can as soon as possible.

How do we handle complaints?

  1. Discuss the problem with the accused making sure that they understand what behaviour is unacceptable (with a quick rundown of what acceptable and appropriate behaviour would be). Inform the accused that they are on probation and any further complaints or repeat offenses may result in ejection from the venue.
  2. For larger offenses or repeated complaints within the same event or weekend, the offending person will be ejected from events for the day after detailed discussion of the issues and signing a statement acknowledging disciplinary action.
  3. For serious offenses, or continued complaints about a person after they have already been ejected from a previous event, the offending person may be banned from all future Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide events without further notice or recourse.

What is a serious offense?

‘Serious Offenses’ include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexually Predatory Behaviour: Intentional aggressive or inappropriate sexual touching or language without the consent of the other individual(s) involved. If you observe a situation that appears to be non-consensual or outside of the normal bounds of flirtation or other interaction socially accepted by the community, please speak to the event organiser or night manager for advice.
  • Physically Harmful Behaviour: Intentionally harmful actions, or actions done with reckless disregard for the safety of others, resulting in bodily harm.
  • In the situation where an offence or complaint under this policy is also a criminal offence, Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide Inc. will support you in taking this problem to the police.

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